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An Intelligent Chatbot

A chatbot is a conversational representative which conducts conversations on behalf of your support via text or voice instructions. They communicate and execute basic tasks such as answering your questions or placing product suggestion and orders

Importance of using Chatbots

Smart Chatbot

How Does a Chatbot works

A Chatbot is just computer programs that simulate human conversations. Primarily, a chatbot allows a type of interaction between a human and a device. The communication happens via written text messages or voice. The chatbot is programmed to process data independently from a human operator. It can answer questions formulated to it in natural language and answer like a real support person. A chatbot comes up with its answers through a combination of predefined scripts and machine learning. When a question is asked, the chatbot will respond based on what it knows at that point in time. If the conversation brings it to a place where it does not know what to do, the chatbot will either deflect the conversation, or potentially pass the conversation to a human operator. In both cases, it will also try to learn from that interaction. Overtime, and over multiple interactions, the chatbot will gradually gain in scope and relevance. The complexity of a chatbot is determined by the sophistication of its underlying software, and the data it can access. If the chatbot is not connected to the relevant data, then you will quickly find out that it is not very useful.